Claudio Conticelli


I’m a Creative Designer based in London. I have been working for more than 6 years in visual communication, mostly for marketing, advertising, fashion and digital agencies across different countries in Europe.

I’m always hungry of new creative experiences, I challenge myself by moving out of my comfort zone, trying to find different solutions which are not trivial or common.

Being curious is essential in my design process.

I’m a resourceful worker, confident to work on my own or with a team.

I enjoy sharing ideas and working together with other professionals. I’ve also managed a design team of junior designers and experienced contractors, ensuring that projects were carried out to the full satisfaction of the stakeholders and within the agreed budget and time frame.

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  • Creativity: Creative thinking, Sketching, Storytelling, Print Design, Web Design, Typography, Photography

  • Business: Problem solving, Leadership, Management, Media Marketing, Project Management

  • Hobbies: Design, Cinema, Drawing, Music, Boxing

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My Skills
Photoshop - 90%
Illustrator - 90%
Html5 / CSS3 - 90%
InDesign - 80%
Premier / After Effects - 80%
Javascript / jQuery - 60%
Worpress / CMS - 80%