Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun. Mary Lou Cook


I'm a Creative Designer based in London. I have been working for more than six years in visual communication, mostly for marketing, advertising, fashion and digital agencies across different countries in Europe.

skill 1
Graphic Design

Great knowledge of semiotic concepts and visual communication process using different techniques and styles.

skill 2
Digital Design

Proficient knowledge of digital and web design principles, including UI and UX concepts and front-end developing coding side HTML, CSS and Jquery.

skill 3

Strong illustration passion, happy to try always different styles for any requests and projects.

skill 4
Motion Graphic

Good knowledge of animation concepts in various cases integrating illustration, typography and graphic design skills.

skill 4

Selected Clients


Mr. Conticelli always acquired very good specialist knowledge in a short space of time. He has an excellent grasp enabling his at all times to come to grips with extremely complex training content very quickly. Mr. Conticelli shows great initiative at all times, always fully identifying with the tasks he is set and with our company, and always working with a great deal of cheerfulness. He distinguishes himself with his great willingness to learn. Even in situations where there is a great deal of work to be done he always has a great facility for working under pressure. Gyoengyver Nagy, Head of Design | Ernsting's Family

Oltre alle capacita tecniche, il sig. Claudio Conticelli si e distinto per un'eccellente attitudine allavoro. E' stato sempre puntuale, disponibile, collaborative e pronto a trovare soluzioni di fronte ad eventuali imprevisti o cambiamenti da parte del cliente. Ha affrontato e gestito il carico di lavoro con il sorriso sulle labbra proponendosi anche come supporto ai suoi colleghi laddove intravedeva una necessita. lnoltre, si e mostrato sempre pronto ad accogliere eventuali osservazioni sui suo lavoro come occasioni di approfondimento e di crescita professionale e personale. Lorenzo Farina, Founder | Walk In

His way of working is characterised by a strong and very good awareness of responsibility and a very great sense of discretion. Since the start of his employment he has always achieved excellent work results and is very reliable. Mr. Conticelli has at all times carried out his duties to our fullest satisfaction. His very friendly and easy-going manner makes him a valued colleague. His conduct with his superiors and colleagues is without exception exemplary and loyal. Gyoengyver Nagy, Head of Design | Ernsting's Family

Claudio is an excellent leader of the design team. While he is developing the branding guidelines he also pays a great attention to details. He is very good in mentoring others and managing the team to create outstanding work. Ervin Raska, Creative Digital Designer

His design skills are excellent in digital, web and print projects. He's a passionate and hard-working designer, always looking to improve his creative output and deliver great quality design projects. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him for any design project. Petro Papucis, Senior Graphic Designer

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